The receiver option updated its receiver software with the latest ali3510c chipset. There are a lot of satellite dish decoders that use the ALI3510C chipset. From various brands, there are usually series that use the ALI3510C chipset. So it's not wrong that many people are looking for a firmware update for receivers with the ali3510c chipset.

ALI 3510C HW102.02.008

This time what we are discussing is the new ali3510c software with hardware version code ALI 3510C HW102.02.008. There are many receivers with the ALI 3510C chipset with the hardware code ALI 3510C HW102.02.008. Usually what differentiates between receiver series with the same HW is the remote configuration. So even though the HW code is the same, it doesn't necessarily mean the remote is the same, so many provide universal or multi-remotes


Latest Guoxin GX6605S ALI 3510C HW102.02.008  Receiver Software

In Asia itself, there are many satellite dish receivers that have the ALI3510C chipset with the hardware code ALI 3510C HW102.02.008. However, usually, if the receiver firmware is not specific to the Indonesian region then it doesn't support the remote. It can be seen from the list of receivers with the ali3510c chipset which is identical to the Matrix Burger S1 mini that the Receiver option once posted.

If anyone really needs a download link for the ALI3510C software with ALI 3510C HW102.02.008, the Receiver option will add the information on this page. For those who want to upgrade the ALI 3510C HW102.02.008  decoder software, be careful, please check the firmware first to avoid various problems caused by corruption. For those in Asia, don't forget to prepare a multi-remote.

What's new in this new software?

  • Dolby Digital Plus or EAC3 Audio ok
  • MGCAM was added for Mgcam lovers and works well
  • Added USB 3G option, with the help of this 3G option you can connect your internet through a 3G 4G device.
  • last updated May 05, 2021
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