Star Track 150 HD platinum Software


Star Track 150 HD platinum Software

Star Track 150 HD platinum Software

Star Track 150 HD Platinum

     Today I am going to sharing with your     latest software’s
        Star Trek 150 HD Platinum

  • First of all press the menu button
  • Now Go to Information Option or STB
  • Check your Hardware version
  • Like in Picture
Star Track 150 HD platinum

  • Now Download File Click On Download
  • After competing for software downloading copy file and place in USB Flesh Driver
  • Now Plug in USB in Receiver
  • Now Press Menu Button
  • Go to media Player Option/Updating option
  • Now Select your USB option
  • Select Your File
  • Now Press Ok Button to Update Software
  • Now Updating Start


Do Not Power Off Receiver during Software 

Updating Proces

After completing software your Receiver is automatically Restart
Now Check your Hardware Again  
If the Problem is still contacted us I will help you
I Hope its Ok thanks A lot I hope You Enjoy it Good Bye 

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