neosat i5000 latest software


Neosat i5000 latest software

Neosat i5000 latest software,neosat i5000 software update 2018,1506g sim receiver software

hello, friends I am going to share with you the latest software Neosat i5000 sim Receiver how to download the latest software for your receiver you need some information about your receiver software version .now the question is this what is my software version. 

How to can I check the Neosat i5000 software version?

1.step press the Menu Button 
2. now go to setting 
3. go-to version 
like in picture you can check your software and Download 

How I can download Neosat i5000 software?

Click on Download you can download your software

4.When You download your software put it in USB
5.plugin USB in Receive 
6. Now press Menu Button and Goto Upgrade option 
7.Select your software in the USB drive 
8.Press Ok Buton software start updating
(Note Do not power Off During software Updating Otherwise your receiver will be dead)
10. After completing updating your Receiver Restart automatically 
11. Now check your software again 
enjoy now 

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