Echolink 4100 HD receiver new software 2019


Echolink 4100 HD receiver new software 2019

We have a propensity to transfer the package and then the tendency to use the memory card or USB memory to return to the package. Thanks to the last menu of all multimedia receivers.

Echolink 4100 HD,Echolink 4100 HD receiver new software 2019

1. Press the menu button of remote control of multimedia satellite receiver, then the installation will appear, then completely different categories, which will appear on the screen to start ...
Installation preference for woody plant multimedia, we then have a preference to settle

2. Now we have a foldable configuration menu, then the screen {different | completely different}, but we have a double to simply match the configuration icon and then display different icons

3. And now we have a menu version to display the main menu version/configuration timer, date lock children config eternal time.
The factory-reset updated version of the machine waits, and so on. Select the version icon and then

4. Now check the package version to match the package file. Main menu / Configuration / Version of the own package version, if the version can be accessed

5. Open the Update menu and select the USB or memory card.

6. Select the package file to update the last package.

7. Currently, your package is being updated.

(Wait for the process to complete until one hundred PCs are connected and power is lost.)

8. If you're not there, you'll be ready, then you can
Have fun with this new package.

 Download Echolink 4100 HD Receiver software


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