Download latest Ali3510c chipset update Software


Download latest Ali3510c chipset update Software

Dish Baba firmware updates the latest Ali3510c chipset update. Satellite dishes that use ALI3510C chipset in Pakistan n, India, Uae, Bangladesh, Indonesia Melyeshia are very diverse. You could say in various brands in all over that the receiver has ever been released, let's say several brands such as Echolink 8888, Goldsat, Neosat 9999, and also Indonesia there are many Brank like Getmecom, Gardiner, LGsat and many others. But the matter of consistent firmware updates is now only from Goldsat and sometimes Geosat. For Matrix, LGsat seems to have stopped updating if the others are like releases and don't think about it anymore.


Of all these brands, although many series, only a few hardware versions differ. To the knowledge of Dish baba hardware receiver versions that use the ALI3510C chipset, there are 5 from HW102.02.014, 033, 092, 098, and 099. If there may be other hardware versions that Dish baba has not gotten, maybe if there are already many from outside Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.

Download the Latest ALI3510C SW Chipset Receiver

The more minimal firmware updates from receiver importers, then the latest hunt for SW ali3510c is inevitable. Even to find foreign firmware that is still updated, such as StarTrack, Starsat. Unfortunately, these receivers are for the ME area and are usually remote. Here the Dish baba will provide a download link for the latest Ali3510c chipset SW receiver. For the Indonesia remote you can use the remote from the old Matrix Burger S1 Mini. For those who need the latest ali3510c chipset firmware, please download from the following link.

Download the Latest ALI3510C SW

Product Name
Hardware Version
Software Version
Update Software
Jul 27 2019 06:37:17
Chipset Wifi
MT7601, RT5370
Huawei XXX
Product Model
SI QRcode

Be careful, because the latest ali3510c chipset firmware is the result of oprekan and Dish baba does not have all the receivers, so it can't try all of the ali3510c chipset SW. If it is indeed a problem later that causes the receiver mode to turn on or even turn off completely, then the Dish baba cannot be blamed. Expand to read on this website, so there is no more nagging unclear grumbling in the group.

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