MeeCast TV Andoid Streaming Media Remote Receiver Application


 MeeCast TV Android Streaming Media Remote Receiver Application

Dish baba update android program that can be used to stream media, access youtube, facebook, remote and others. Maybe a lot of android applications can be used for that, but this time we adjust to the application in the receiver that is MeeCast and this can be found in some receivers that use GX6605S chipsets, Montage, Sun Plus, and others.

 MeeCast TV Andoid Streaming Media

Same with the receiver in the MeeCast application name on Android also uses MeeCast TV with the same icon. So you can say that the MeeCast feature in the receiver uses the same special application, MeeCast, and everything can be free. So it is better to try to use it.

Download MeeCast TV Andoid Streaming Media Remote Receiver Application

Unfortunately there is indeed a minimum specification for the MeeCast TV application that is android that is used at 5.0 and this might not be a problem for gadgets now. The use of the MeeCast TV application is also not complicated, the important thing is between the receiver and the gadget such as an Android phone, it is still in one network.

On this page Dish Baba wants to provide a download link for the latest MeeCast TV android application, or can directly search through Play Store. To install MeeCast TV is also easy, there is no special treatment, so we don't think that Indonesia Satellite will have a problem, especially those who often use android gadgets. For those who need MeeCast TV software, please download from the following link

Download the MeeCast TV Application

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