HDHUMAX PLUS 999 Receiver New Software


HDHUMAX PLUS 999 Receiver New Software

For those who need HDHUMAX PLUS 999 download from the following link

Hello, Friends Today I M Sharing With You HDHUMAX PLUS 999 Receiver Software. This may be rarely known by satellite dish receiver users in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India. But maybe someone already knows about the HDHUMAX, But This Time we discuss the  HDHUMAX PLUS 999 New Software

HDHUMAX PLUS 999 Receiver New Software Menu

HDHUMAX PLUS Receiver New Software Version

In Asia, the Sun Plus chipset may be familiar, especially for those who often 1507g. (DVB-1507g-V11.12- ) There are several brands and variants of receivers that use this Sun Plus chipset from like, Star Net Q999Oryx A1 HD, and others. But indeed for HDHUMAX software is more identical to the new

How to Enable Xcam in HDHUMAX PLUS 999

Download HDHUMAX PLUS 999 1507g new software

On this page, the Receiver Option wants to provide a download link for the latest Star HDHUMAX. For those who want to upgrade the software or use it to another identical receiver, please download and check the firmware, don’t use corrupt ones. For those who need HDHUMAX PLUS 999 download from the following link

Hardware VersionDK-v1.01
Software ModelRelv11-12.12-2
Software Version1507g
Update12 – 18 – 2019

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