Download the software Aster A2000 Update Firmware Receiver


Download the software Aster A2000 Update Firmware Receiver

Receiver option Updated Latest Aster A2000 Firmware. The parabolic decoder from Aster may not be known yet, but some already know if the software is possible. In addition to the Indonesian satellite posts, this Indonesian satellite YouTube channel is also discussed, including the Guoxin chipset. This time we are discussing the Aster A2000 receiver
Download the software Easter A2000 Update Firmware Receiver

The Aster A2000 decoder is one of the receivers that use the Montage chipset and belongs to the Montage C8001T family. There are already several receivers that use the Montage 8001T chipset and the Indonesian satellite post. Now for the Aster product, similar to the Aster A2000, the Aster A3000 only has a different firmware chain, but with the same customer ID, it can do most of the firmware conversion.

Download the software Aster A2000 Update Firmware Receiver

In Asia, the Aster A2000 software can be used on Skybox A1 Plus receivers, an Indonesian never found. So there is another option for Skybox A1 Plus with Astor A2000, which can be used. Even later it is different from the Customer ID or Config Remote only and can be upgraded via USB Recovery or Hard Flash.

The Receiver option on this page provides a download link for the latest Aster A2000 software. For those who need the Aster A2000 firmware to upgrade or use other receivers, please check first. For those who need Aster A2000 firmware, download it from the link below

Download Software Aster A2000

HW Model
HSB133 (265)
HW Version
Dongle Wifi
5370, 7601, 8188
Software Version
Mar 31 2020 11:54:05

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