Download the Latest software Dragon D500

Receiver Option updates the latest Dragon D500 SW satellite decoder. Dragon receivers may be foreign to digital users in Indonesia. Maybe if you say Tiger Star, most people already know that. The dragon

 Dragon D500 SW satellite decoder
seems to have something to do with Tiger Star, as do Aster, iStar, Range, and various other brands. But here we focus on discussing only Dragon D500 software.

Tiger Star M245 CA Software Firmware Receiver

The Dragon D500 HD decoder is one of the receivers used by the Montage chipset with the 8051T series. We also previously discussed this chipset that uses Tiger Star M245 CA. In fact, there are many that are identical to this Dragon D500 HD, but for its fellow Dragon, the Indonesian satellite has yet to find it.

In Indonesia, users of chipsets like those used by Dragon D500 are Skybox A1 Plus. Previously, Skybox A1 Plus was able to work seamlessly with Tiger Star M245 CA firmware, so it is highly possible that Skybox A1 Plus can use Dragon D500 HD software. Even if there is a difference at most only on the remote panel or in the settings section and that no longer seems to be a problem for the Indonesian satellite web reader.

Download the Latest software Dragon D500

Download the Latest software Dragon D500

Here, the Receiver Option will provide the latest Dragon D500 HD download link. For those who want to use Dragon D500 HD firmware to update Dragon D500 software or other receivers, please check first, especially the remote setup section. For those who need the latest Dragon D500 firmware, download it from the following link

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