Grouhy 7777 Combo 8051T0 Software Download New Update



The Grouhy receiver for Receiver option web readers may be familiar with, there have been several updates to the decoder firmware with that brand. Unfortunately, the Receiver option doesn't have all the stuff, even if it's just identical, so the Grouhy receiver firmware wasn't all tested, so it was just sharing.

The Grouhy 7777 receiver includes a digital combo, so it can be used for DVDs that people are more familiar with satellite dishes and also DVBTs which people are more familiar with, or UHF antennas. If there are goods in Indonesia, the Grouhy 7777 Combo is very suitable for today's times because ASO socialization is rampant, namely changing analog TV broadcasts to digital, where analog broadcasts will be turned off later.

Grouhy 7777 Combo 8051T0 Software Download New Update

Grouhy 7777 Combo 8051T0 Software Download New Update

However, it is possible to get this Grouhy 7777 Combo receiver to be difficult. In Indonesia, it is most likely the same or identical to the Skybox A1 Combo. It's just that if you look at the customer ID, it's very different. So for those who want to try using it, you can try it via USB recovery and it is hoped that you can hard flash it so you don't encounter troublesome events.

For those who have the decoder, you may be able to download the latest Grouhy 7777 software from the online update feature provided in the firmware or if the offline version is available, you can download the firmware here. For Skybox A1 Combo receiver users who want to try this Grouhy 7777 Combo firmware, please, check the firmware again and prepare mentally if something unexpected happens.

Grouhy 7777 Combo Software Download

HW ModelHSB133(265)
HW VersionHSB151-8051-0
SW ModelCombo 8051T0
Chipset WiFi5370&7601&8188
SW Version078.1.00135
UpdateMay 17 2021 21:12:21

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