Download New Revenge C8051T Receiver Firmware Update


Receiver Option updates the latest Revenge software. This dish decoder has in fact never been seen by Indonesian satellites and the brand rarely comes across a receiver as branded as Revenge. Either it's just a home importer or a lack of information from those who have a brand. But judging by the firmware, this revenge receiver often updates SW.

Judging by this Revenge firmware, The Receiver Options are bundled into a receiver that uses the Montage C8051T chipset. There are actually many satellite dish software that uses the chipset, but for Revenge as recalled, the Indonesian satellite was first mentioned on a special page.

Download New Revenge C8051T Receiver Firmware Update

Download New Revenge C8051T Receiver Firmware Update

The Revange C8051T receiver discussion, this is not the first for The Receiver Option, previously  For Revange C8051T firmware, it was tried with Skybox A1 Plus, for the next update, maybe it's just a link without trying it first

here reiversoption will provide a download link for the latest Revange C8051T software. For those who wish to upgrade the receiver software using Revenge C8051T firmware, please check and ensure it is not corrupted first and before changing the remote configuration first to suit the receiver's default remote control. For those who need Revenge C801T firmware, please download it from the following link

  • Download Firmware Revenge C8051T
  • Recipient Information
  • Hardware model HSB133(265)
  • Hardware version HS1189-8051-01(B)
  • Model SW 817_8051T
  • WiFi chipset 5370, 7601, 8188
  • Size 8 MB
  • Software version 221.1.25617

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