Hello, Friends Today we Update  Starsat Sr-200hd Extreme Receiver New Software V1.29 05 August 2022, the latest professional model. We know that STAR SAT SR-200HD EXTREME  gx6605s has different types of CAs, and Pro models and there may be other models. What we will discuss is the professional model and in this model, the Starsat receiver that uses the Guo Xin GX6605S chipset is more or less than 18 series and maybe later.


The use of the NationalChip GX6605S chipset is aligned with the Starsat receivers, Dish baba will surely be familiar with decoder users in Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. Some time ago, sometimes the Starsat gx6605s software replaced some firmware decoders in Asia because it was late for an update. Unfortunately, there is a good feature that is removed from all Starsat gx6605s software, which is the automatic update key.

Download the GX6605S STAR SAT SR-200HD EXTREME  update firmware receiver software

I don't know if there was a coding error that should have been for Geosat Jasper HD or if it was intentionally removed. It is a pity that the Starsat gx6605 software does not have good features. But for those who do not use these features and just want to use IPTV, eliminating the function is not a problem.

      Menu Info  Starsat Sr-200hd Extreme Receiver New Software V1.29 05 August 2022 

Star Sat Sr-200hd Extreme ,

For those in Asia, using Starsat gx6605s Pro firmware may no longer be a problem. In addition, many people know how to use the Star Sat Sr-200hd Extreme firmware so that it can be used by other receivers, identical or not. For those who need the link to download  Starsat, please from the following link

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