Download latest software Neosat-Ns1506tv HD


Download latest software Neosat-Ns1506tv HD 

Hi friends, today I will share the latest Neosat -Ns1506HD software. This -NS1506 may rarely be known to users of satellite dish receivers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India. But perhaps someone already knows the NEOSAT-NS1506, because Dish Baba had previously loaded the NEOSAT-NS firmware. And this time we will discuss NEOSAT-NS1506.

Neosat -Ns1506 ,

what is different between Neosat -Ns1506 other China Modal 

The big difference of this modal is that it contains Builtin WiFi Chip and v-line which saves it gives you full access to connect to the Internet for Cline and load Goda Server activated in this model.
when You update software Goda is showing like in Picture in the old version this server is not showing.

Goda Server activated,Neosat -Ns1506

This receiver is a NEOSAT-NS1506 satellite dish decoder that uses the Sun Plus 1 chip-set. Therefore, this is probably the same as other porcelain, although customer identification is different. But if you look at this Sun Plus, you will already have the shadow of any receiver identical to this receiver.

NeoSat-NS1506HD Firmware 

Download the NEOSAT-NS1506HD software update New firmware receiver
In Asia, the Sun Plus chipset can be familiar, especially for those who often have 1506 g. (DVB-1506tv-V1.0-OPT-0-SO) There are different brands and variants of receivers that use this set of Sun Plus chips from Neusat Star Track and others. But in reality, for the Neosat-Ns1506 tv software, it is more identical to the new one

Information Neosat-NS1506HD

On this page, Dish Baba wants to provide a link to download the latest software. For those who wish to use the Neosat -NS1506Tv software update or use it for other receivers, check the firmware first. An error in the download will cause things that are not desirable. For those who need the Neosat-NS1506 firmware, download it from the following link.

About Information
HW Model DVB-1506tv-V1.0-OPT-0SO
File size 4 MB
Software Download
Software Version CR2 V9.09.25 s
Wifi Chip 8188F

How I can open Patch Key Option In Neosat NS1506  Satellite Receiver

Go to Multimedia Press The Code 1506 Patch Key is open 

NNeosat NS1506  Satellite Receiver,Multi Medai,Patch key,server option

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