Download latest satellite dish SW decoder from Echolink


Download latest satellite dish SW decoder from Echolink

Dish Baba updates the latest satellite dish SW decoder from Echolink. There are already several Echolink receiver firmware that Dish Baba discussed. Previously we discussed about Echolink Meraki HD. This time, Dish baba will discuss again the software of one of Echolink's receivers, Echolink Alphavision Uno

This Echolink Alphavision Uno decoder may be for some people still unfamiliar. Just like Echolink Prime and Echolink Meraki, Echolink Alphavision Uno uses the chipset from NationalChip. So if you have read the Indonesian Satellite post about Echolink Prime or Meraki, you might already understand about this Echolink Alphavision Uno receiver.

Download the Alpha-vision Uno Firmware Receiver Echolink Software

Judging from how identical it is, we can easily find receivers in Indonesia that are as identical as this Echolink Alpha vision Uno digital. The treatment is the same if you want to use it in a Geometric HD009 Super + Plus receiver. In general, it should be oprek the boot and config tuner parts to be used.

On this page Dish baba wants to provide a download link for the latest Echolink Alpha vision Uno software. For those who want to use the Echo link Alpha vision Uno software upgrade or use it to another receiver, check first not to corrupt. For those who want to download this Alpha vision Uno Echolink firmware please from the following link.

Download the Alpha-vision Uno Echolink Firmware

Software Version
Hardware Version
Hardware Info
16M-FLash / 2GB-DDR3
Wifi Dongle Chipset
Build time

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